But I Have A Crystal Ball!

The World likes a Prophetic Warning!
So for this post, that’s what I’ll Post.

The Devil, Influential Leaders, are on the move.

And now Stage One! Is coming to Completion!

You’ve ignored all that talk of some Silly New World Order! And you hear about the Computerized Coming Years. They’re pushing the Bubble Car and it’s Coming to You! Computerized GPS Assured. The Numbers will Prove it’s the Safest Bet! All will Jump Aboard! Approval is Guaranteed, this you can bet!

What they don’t tell you is No More Driving off the Grid! No Unauthorized Roads For You!

The big Tractor Trailer is heading down the road, computerized, No Driver hauling those, heavy loads, yeah! The Pizza for Your Dinner, other meals, come to you, Through The Air! No, Man or Woman Stands There! Driver-less Taxis will Come to Pick You Up!

You’ll buy your Clothes and Cleaning products that way too, Computerized, Robotized Manufacturing, has brought up the Bottom Line! No need anymore for, The working man! He wanted too much anyhow, free medical, that’s sort of thing!

You’ll be able to Watch Yourself in the Backyard as You’re Constantly Monitored from Satellites Above! Your Phone Calls are Always Monitored, Recorded! Just in case you say something Slightly Out of Place!

You’ll run to Google the Infallible, It Always Knows the Truth!

Quantum computer is on the way ushering in the God chip interface! They’re getting the people ready, With a chip in their hand, they open the front door with merely a wave! To the warm greetings of Vicky, It’ll run Your House, your Refrigerator, turn on their lights and the TV for you too.

And the Government will be there Monitoring, Just to Protect You! Social Media, Your Personal Communications, they Monitored, Analyzed, and They’ve Stored Away!

Computerized information, will be there to answer all your important immediate needs! The Millions needed to answer the phones replaced, by a few at the Top! Big homes are gone, there costly to upkeep, All the Elect will have them, if they want, of course, but You Won’t! Most of you are happy, a great bunch of You Not! You’ll fill your day at the Office With Talk of Frivolous Salaciousness! Fill the Time! with thoughts of Vanities Flair!

And the Devil, well actually he made his move, a Long Time Ago!

So he doesn’t have to make his move, he’s Already There! And things are Going just Like they Should! And People, are listening and doing Real Good. Social Media has been put in its Place! No longer will You Hear, any talk that has not been pre-approved! No longer will you be subjected to all those liars with their alternate truths! Stage One Complete!

Well, that’s all the Messaging, Crystal Ball Gazing, that I can take, What Can I Say, You’ll Keep Silent! Keep taking that Sweet Tasting Poison, but there it is Anyway, My Message of Warning!

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