You think it is God!


They Don’t Even Know What! They Are Worshiping!

God is that you?

What’s really happening here! You think it is God! You have no idea!

Do you really know what you are Worshiping? Do you really know who’s talking? There is no God!

They Try So Hard! The deception is deeply woven into every page. The words cunningly choosing in an attempt to entrap you in them. The mind is what they are targeting. You read the cunning manipulation, Oblivious to how they try to entrap you in their words.

They try so hard! To take your mind! There are powerful sentences, paragraphs to pages of cunning structuring, design for one purpose! Pages and Pages of repetition the likes of which have never been seen before! They know what they are doing, they have used every line and they have used them well, they have covered every angle to keep you in line!

They try so hard! Their argument seems to be that the Devil hates you so much that it wants to take you with it. And if you don’t worship and ask for forgiveness from God, he is going to let the Devil do it. They use a lot of pages to tell you to Worship or else! They cover it all!

They try so hard! Have you ever notice that. They have done really well with Billions throughout the World! All Worshiping sincerely for all their worth.

They have tried so hard! And they have done so well!

In the end, You will still be pleading for God’s mercies. The emphasis will still be that we fall short of God’s grace. You will be told you still have to die before all will be revealed. You will be told to Worship! To Obey! To Beg! or you will still go to hell! And once you have helped the Devil to Kill our Father! You will be mocked! you will be told the truth! and you will be left to die in despair! With the Devil’s laughter ringing in your Ear!

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