The Rapture is not going to happen!

Hey! Where is everybody? Where did everybody go?

There are some religious groups that believe they’ll be Raptured soon.

The rapture is not going to happen!
At least not the way it’s envisioned! 

Let’s envision it from a different understanding! 

So how will this Rapture occur, well if there was a God! Everybody would go Puff and disappear! There’s only one problem with that, there’s no God with a puff wand! But there is the Devil, still no magic puff wand! Now unless the Devil has a molecule manipulator (he doesn’t) he’s going to be hard put to make a lot of people simply disappear!

The bottom line is he can’t do it! So what can he do? We are dealing with an immensity of hate, in possession of highly advanced terraforming equipment! The ability to move lightweight objects through the air in a scientific method is within their ability. And they would not have any moral issue to raising billions of people to their death. Now, this is a convenient way to get rid of a lot of people, but it’s sloppy. without getting into any material aspects of it. It’s convenient but inefficient! How could mass murder be inefficient? 

If you could understand what this group is! And who they are! What their objective is!
You would understand random murder is not enough. 
 Remember they don’t have beam-up technology and this is the perfect cover for systematic murder!

That’ll work for the Devil because he will inform the People that are left, that the body stays behind. So when will the move likely occur? When will the Devil take out the people that will cause the most resistance to his church creation! This will happen before they make their appearance when everything is in total disarray. And everyone is in panic and logic (clear thought) is not always at the forefront! We are dealing with Evil! That has no problem with killing men women and children! And will do so to perpetuate the scenario needed. The Devil believes he has the time he needs and he’s not going to make his move until he’s ready! Not to serve public desire!

I need G5! I need to be chipped in!

Chips 101: Why do you need a chip?
So they can get you in deep places!

It’s not good enough to kill billions, what this group is doing is a carefully calculated move! They can’t risk anything to random chance, they’re going to want to take out the people that will cause the most resistance to their plan! And a lot of those people will be inside buildings and  Facilities deep underground.

The Devil has at his disposal, Extreme Computing Capabilities A computer with enough computational power to Navigate through dimensional planes of existence and to terraform a solar system with these Computing abilities they can lock on, to who knows how many People, and Kill them!

The Devil is going to be able to easily spin this! An example would be the absoluteness in which People are professing God and speaking of him in total absolutes when there’s no reasonable logical reason for them to be behaving like they do. Now you transfer this enthralled mindset of religious absoluteness with the emergence of Techno Wizards! Any spin they put on the rapture will be easily accepted by the enthralled worshipers.

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