I am not a Prophet!

I am not a Prophet! I am not trying to sell you a book. This is not a Religious Site. Our Father and Mother are Not Religious.

This page is to Inform You of the Truth, Not Know, Not Seen, Not Understood by Billions. This Page is an attempt to bring this to light.

The Devil does Not have Complete Control of the Planet. If that were the case I Wouldn’t be Posting This. If the Devil Continues to go Unstopped, Complete Control Will Be A Reality.

God’s a created affliction of the Devil’s and those that stand with it! The Devil’s an extremely Cunning, Compassionately Cold Entity, and it is Hate! And the Devil has deceived the World! In the Cunningness of the Devil, It Has Found A Way To Get Billions Of People To Worship it!

The mental manipulation extends beyond the boundaries of the religious. The Atheist plays a vital role in the success of what the Devil is trying to achieve! One of the main purposes of the Atheist is to compel the religious on. To give them a focal point for the purpose of preaching for conversion! This is a reinforcement proliferation tactic! The Atheist is just like the religious, in that their minds have been compromised!

When I started this page I had my doubts that I should do it. I’m not an academic I’m not a writer. And I knew that what I had to say would be hard for people to believe and I would be called delusional, among other things. Their hostility is due to what the Devil has done to the people of the World, The World has been thrust into a mental vacuum! Where a God, with severe mental issues! Can be so readily believed. The people of the world are trapped within a mindset. They have been saturated and mentally conditioned! But I have a lot of experience with what I talk about and I believe people should know what’s happening and why it’s happening.

The Evil beings that I speak about have us at the moment and they have us good. And they are intoxicated with confidence! They cannot be reasoned with they will not stop and in their minds, they believe they cannot lose . I will warn you the best that I can, but the World is Asleep!

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