Death Punch!


Death Punch!

The Devil is an entity of hate. That has seized control of the planet and has successfully prevented, Our Father from having contact with us.

In this World, we have religion, we have many religions and almost a universal belief in some form of a God.

Now except for some committed people who preach about religion. And the ones that claim God, talk to them. You don’t hear anything from God.

So why has the Devil, introduced religion and a concept of God, to the World. If the Devil wanted just to be praised as God! It could already be doing that (and actually is).

There are numerous reasons why the Devil is not playing God. One of the reasons is because the Devil can’t stand the sight of us it is hateful of everything about us.

It will not stand there and do benevolent things for people. It’s not going to cure the diseases, it put on this World. Nor can it stop all the tragic events that happened on a day-to-day basis this is technologically impossible for the devil to do

It is not all-knowing all-powerful the Devil’s power comes through mental manipulation. Another reason is the direction that the Devil wants the World to go in.

With a benevolent God, technology would evolve differently. There is a reason that the Devil wants technology to go in a certain way. It is safe to say with a benevolent God, life would be different.

The Devil does not care if it is worshiped! It wants Our Father and Mother and all of us dead.

God, to the Devil, is a weapon, as are all of us, in its pursuit to this end.

Being worshiped as God will be frosting on the cake to the Devil as it delivers the Death Punch to us all!

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