He says he doesn’t understand God, that he only has a 3-pound brain.

He says he doesn’t understand God, that he only has a 3-pound brain.

This man was asked about God. Where did God come from?

I was looking at a video of a man who said that if his 3-pound brain could understand God, he would not be deserving to be worshiped by him. So let’s take a minute and look at what this man believed was a very intelligent statement.

What this man said was; I can not understand this being! He does not make any sense to me. We are right there in this man’s mind at the critical moment. The realization is “dangling” right there in front of him.

But does he grab it, does he say “This being I do not understand, I will distance myself from him and keep a good eye on him.”

No in the instance that the mind can send a thought pulse to the rationalizing part of the mind. He has unfortunately dismissed this and instead says I will worship this being and dedicate my life to him.

This is a man quite capable and willing to throw out an array of impressive words to show he is intelligent. But is he really, oh he is educated enough to put together a line of very impressive words to justify his reasoning. So impressed by his reasoning That he is unable to see the serious blunder in his logic. So dedicated to it that he will never be capable of ever looking at this phenomenon of God objectively again. And he will fight vigilantly to justify himself. This is another case of enthralled absoluteness in a world manipulated with numerous enthralled absoluteness. This seems like a natural occurrence but it is anything but natural. This man (as all empowered pitchmen) has been subjected too mental manipulations. Manipulations within our existence within our nature and through direct sometimes intense manipulations on the unwittingly manipulated pitchmen.   

God/Devil, wouldn’t give his supporter good Financial advice and consequently, he ended up spending 9 years in jail! But he’s back at it, posting umpteen numbers of videos. Another dedicated victim of the Devil!

He says God is infinite, beyond space, time, and matter!

Infinite God still has time to threaten to torment defenseless families and murder them! If they won’t worship Him!

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