The Pleiadian Message – A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light

The Pleiadian Message – A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light

Houston! We seriously have a problem!

I’ve been Spacedalized and Extraterrestrialalized about as far as I can take it. They come at you using every one of society’s mental shortcomings they Zoom in on Vanity! They flatter the Ego! They tell you you’re here to become great to “Save the World” to become a God! They tell you, they have seeded the world with People like you! If you are listening to this video, you are one of them. Waiting for a “Cosmic Awakening” into the awareness of your greatness!

Millions of people believe the Extraterrestrials are real and are actively involved in this World! The ones presenting these videos, representing the aliens, believe they are chosen to lead the World into a cosmic Great Awakening!

There are quite a number of People that believe Extraterrestrials and Religions are nothing more than manipulative schemes a group of Con-Artists, as with Religion, there are non-believers who are Extraterrestrials Con-artists. They are for the most part “primordial ooze pit” Atheists, that believe we are nothing but a fluke. They have evolved themselves in the Extraterrestrial and Religious communities. Their philosophy is, play the fools and laugh all the way to the bank.

As with the Religious People, these people have been, and our being contacted! The Religious have no problem believing the extraterrestrials spokesman are being genuine, they rightfully attribute what these people are experiencing, to actions of the Devil! Although an interesting footnote to that is the Religious will tell you, that the Devil is operating within not only the Extra-Terrestrial community but within every single Religion except theirs, of course! One cannot help but wonder why, with the Sumerians the Mayans and all the others, why God would give the Devil such a head start with Religion?

The Extraterrestrial as with every single Religion is a weapon that the Devil is using for manipulative purposes! They’ll tell you in this video that you need to wake up, that it’s time to wake up.

We are facing a serious threat! We are in the greatest danger we could ever be in! And we indeed have to wake up! We need to wake up to the truth! Not to the lies they are trying so hard to entrench within our minds. 

In a sense you have to work at it to believe this is all coincidental, it is not this is a structured attack! The Pleiadians is part of the Devil’s Arsenal.

This is an attack of misdirection( mixed with truths sort of) misinformation The religious only see this from a religious perspective, but everyone is not in the same religion, and everybody’s not religious. This, will all play into their plan.

There is a very real reason why Christ the other betrayer’s and the Devil are pushing the Extra-Terrestrial angle! But the World is trapped and can’t comprehend what is unfolding “step by step” in front of them. 

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