The World can’t see the madness!

The World can’t see the madness!

We are not the results of Genetic Mutation by Aliens. We are not the results of a Seeding Experiment by Aliens.

Our Father and Mother, are not Religious we are Family, All of Us. And We are in this Together. We are Under Attack by an Entity that’s not Understood.

Most are Going to Walk Willingly to their Death.

There are people, in all three of these religions, that think they are Mental Giants of thought! They can’t see that there’s a serious issue with the fanaticism of these groups, they can’t seem to see a connection, a force of manipulation! In absolute Defiance of intelligence, they accuse the others of being demonically manipulated! And then there’s is the intellectual atheist swirling within his angry primordial mind, the best he can come up with is to scream delusional! They tell you to go home, there’s nothing going on.

Like sheep to the slaughter! The problem with intellectuals is they think they are! They have no idea what’s waiting for them! They cannot see the strings attached to themselves! They are unaware of the forces of manipulation!

With our Thoughts controlled! Are we too far gone to recover?

The Atheist as well as the Religious, are afflicted! Both are under a psychological attack their thoughts directed their arrogance reinforced!

You have been told a lie! God.

You’re Worshiping a Hostel Cold Minded Entity! That’s Planning to Kill You!

Understand, The Devil would not have done what he did!

If the Devil thought he was going to lose!

I’m trying to get You to Understand the Magnitude of What is Happening, and What is Going to Happen. What’s At Stake!

It is not that this is too big for you to see. It is that your “mind has been compromised.” You just, can not realize that this has happened. You can not see the folly of your thinking.

You have been told a lie! God has been introduced/entrenched into your mind there is very sinister reason why!

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