They believe that God, will enter his young mind and he’ll be preaching with God’s guidance.

This childhood preacher was 4 at the time of the posting of this episode of National Geographic.

He is loved and adored by millions that followed him on YouTube. They believe that God, will enter his young mind and he’ll be preaching with God’s guidance. The father, says he does not exploit his son by bringing him to other churches or speaking events. He doesn’t care whether he becomes a preacher when he grows up. However, he does post Church videos and goes on Talk Shows and other programs like this recording. In this situation even if you consider Parental pride, you’re walking a fine line. They call it wholesomeness for the whole family of God. That little boy everyone wants to hear him, hoping God will say something encouraging for them!

I know the what of it that is going on! And it is not good!

Although I know they won’t believe what I have to say I’m going to say it anyhow! You think you have a God of love watching over you, caring about you, reaching out to you! You think he has an immensity of love for the little children. But the children’s hospitals are full. All around the World, countless parents broken, crushed at what is/has happening to their child! No mind of might, no God of infinite love would ever stand for such horror!

No, they are not experiencing a miraculous happening by a loving cuddler, they are enthralled by a vicious group of killers. I know well the doings of this group. I’ve spent a great deal of time being confronted and assaulted by this group of vicious, cold intent. I understand, that you’ll be quick to say, well you were just deceived by the Devil and his Angeles! This I can assure you, is just not the case, although they are extremely deceptive (they’ll give you a run for your money!) If you are a religious person who believes in Angels! I’m going to tell you something you will not like, Angels, are not real! The Devil, Christ and the rest of the betrayer’s made them up!

This group has no moral problem mentally violating anyone, especially children, that’s where they start. I have an intricate understanding of their abilities, including their possession abilities! They are not violating, (possessing) these young minds in religious services just to entertain themselves! There is a real reason they commit these mental violations! It is for accepted existence, through propaganda, saturation, exposed manipulation! I understand this is an extremely hard thing to accept, you have witnessed Good Upstanding People carrying the Religious torch before you. Unfortunately like you, they were deceived. This group knows well the goodness within people, they’ve done much to afflict it! Goodness to them is a weakness, that they are exploiting!

Take heed of my words my warning and move cautiously with this extremely dangerous vicious group. That has no moral problem with using children!

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