People Speaking for Space Aliens

The other day I decided to check out some End Time Videos. So I surfed over to YouTube.

I saw ones that claimed they were Aliens from the Future.

There were a few things I noticed as I listen to some of them. One; they have mastered the art of talking and not saying anything. They are suspiciously uninformative on future events Wars, Elections, Natural Disasters.

Now I know they mean well.

I am sure that some of them are just trying to make the World A Better Place and the rest just want to sell Books and Stuff. I’m sure that some of them believe they are in some sort of Symbiotic Relationship. They believe the Aliens from the Future Enter Them, Possess Their Minds (you just have to wonder), and then they will give a speech and answer questions.

There is something extremely sinister in this seemingly harmless format!

They are being fooled by the Devil. They will tell you there is no devil but they will tell you there are Multiple Aliens Surrounding You. This is of course conditioning, there is a plan in the works the purpose to get you accustomed to the concept, the idea of Aliens.

They have a Creator, they call him the “Prime Creator”. This Prime Creator seems to have as much involvement with his Creation as God does and doesn’t seem to mind that the Aliens are Mentally Manipulation Us. Surprisingly they admit (the Aliens) they are doing this for their own self-interest.

This is why these Extraterrestrial Enthusiast exist, they don’t know it, but that’s why. They are Subterfuge they are misleading. If they are sincere and really receiving messages then they are being manipulated by the Devil and/or his disciples. “They should stop the Mind Melds immediately and try to defend themselves from the mental attacks as best as they can.”

This is important there is a powerful movement within the Catholic Church and other Institutions pushing the Alien Agenda. The question needs to be asked why?

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