Where was it exactly?

And probably never accept.
Where was it exactly? you expected to find the truth!

Look at how the world carries on and the hospital’s fill up!

Listen to how they speak in absolute when they speak of God!

Evil rules the streets. Do you know where we are? How we got here? How we could even be. You took it at face value because they told you that’s how it is. There are barriers in place in this world of perceptions, understanding, you may never overcome!

To those of you that God talks to, the rest will think me a fool, but you know I speak the truth, you go to spread the good news, the word. Or you work with charities, you work in soup kitchens. Keeping quiet what you know! My word you will think are the devil’s whispering in your ear. But this being speaking to you, his words are not true. He is hate and coldness, that I am at a lack of words to describe. Although I know exactly what you’re experiencing, and I sympathize, I know of no words to reach you!

But we are still a part of what we are, the essence that is within us, a part of Our Father and Mother, and maybe that can help to bring you to the truth.

This is why you are experiencing what you are experiencing, the Devil is attempting to Kill Our Father!

Understand he’s using everybody. He uses children to speak the name of God to the approval of those standing by, then he throws them into tragedies, horrors that would test any mind. Understand I’m not playing with you, I’m trying to reach your mind. You are ensnared in religions of hate and murder because that is its mind. If you can see, I bring you really good news, in a bad reality, Buy we still have to defeat this evil that has Us in its grip.

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