Could A Scientist, Stop The Devil?

In desperate need of scientists with a clue!

There is a very disturbing phenomenon happening in the World.

One that all of you are aware of. And that’s the phenomena of God.

You see all that they have built to glorify their God. But you are not really seeing it. You hear all of what they say to glorify their God. But you do not hear them. You hear the ones that say God talk to me. But you are not listening.

What are you not seeing, what are you not hearing?

You have heard what Atheists Activist have said about this phenomenon of God, and you have become comfortable with that. You give it no more thought. But the world needs you to give this some serious consideration. The People of the World need you to see what they cannot see. And that is, this reality is a horrific, immensely intricate deception! This reality is more horrific than you’ve ever been able to imagine.

We are under attack! from an Entity, that is using extremely advanced Genetic engineering and technology attacks to manipulate us!

This Entity, this Enemy, is pure hate!

It’s desire, is to use us and then to Kill Us!

What you need to understand, is this is not about Religion, this Entity is using Religion as a means to an end. What this Entity has done, affect you as well. You are still affected by the human conditioning that this Entity has caused. If you could see this phenomenon for what it really is.

And Realize the Attack That It Is!

There’s a chance maybe you could combine with other Scientists, and find a way before it is too late! This will not be an easy task. This Entity is aware of you! And you are being monitored at one level or another.

The concept that such an Entity could exist is an extremely ridiculous concept to a large amount of the population this is a direct result of actions by the Devil!

And possibly impossible to overcome!

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