I Shout Danger Lookout!

I Shout Danger Lookout!

You’re in Serious Danger! 

I’m Jack, Trapped Inside A Box! 

 I Shout Danger! Trapped inside this Box. 
You’re in Danger!  Serious Danger!
 There’s No God!  Danger!

They told You LIES! 

They Packaged it as Good Wholesomeness! 
That You Need To Worship and Worship some More!
Be A “God Person ” if you want to Live! 
This is All To Deceive You Just To Wipe, Wipe Everyone Of You Out!!

And I Can’t Get Out!

No Matter Where I Go, My Shout Can’t Get out!

 Look Out! Danger!

In your Desperateness, They Came Presenting Wholesomeness and Hope! 
They Want to Manipulate Us! 

Into Killing Our Father! Our Mother!

 Entrapping All of Us into Death! 

And I Can’t Get Out! 

No One Can Hear Me When I Shout!

God’s A Lie!

Created By The Devil! 

Look Out!


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