Message to the Hidden Remnant – prophetic word & vision.

Message to the Hidden Remnant – prophetic word & vision

Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is man’s all.

The earth shall reel at the almighty power unleashed upon this earth. For my children will come also with judgments for the unbelieving and disobedient.

Another victim of the Devil’s! Believing (understandably) that she has Divine purpose. She says how she’s been in contact with these entities since she was a child. Like most religious people that believe that God is in personal contact with their child, this young lady believes this is a good thing.

Gordon says; The Lord has spoken this way to me since I was a child and it’s only gotten more clear as I’ve grown with him.

Let’s look at it for what it is this is a mental violation of children by the Devil, Christ, and those that stand with them not some loving Fatherly Entity! Understand this is a cold-blooded group that has the World in its grip. The cunning of the enemy is immense in this video unfortunately with the speaker (as with the World), it’s invisible to her.

I feel for this young lady because I know what you can’t and won’t understand! I know what she’s experiencing and how they’re manipulating her and compelling her to them.

She said she hopes everybody can hear God’s voice; One thing the Devil can do Is shove his voice in your head, they’ll hear him alright

The devil says there is little wisdom in the world.

The Devil should know, after all, he’s the cause of all the stupid in the world!

Gordon says; Will you just take a few minutes of your day just to get on your knees or you know if you can’t get on your knees just to pray on your way to work you know before you go to bed just to give God some time We have a father It’s it’s like Peter said We Just Go With It you know it’s like Peter said where are we going to go, Lord, you have the words of eternal life where are we going to go!  

Subatomic particle-ville  If you don’t get an understanding that you’re being horribly deceived!

Lord you know we’ve come this far with you and then we just keep following you. That’s life we just keep following him so all we have to do we don’t have to be afraid. We have a Shepherd we have a guide we have somebody leading us we don’t have to be afraid. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel we don’t have to try to figure everything out we have a father we’re children we’re just obeying our father so let some of that pressure fall away from you.

Can you see, the ensnaring manipulative play of blind obedience, unquestioning acceptance?  Being presented, under the guise, of swaddling fatherly love? 

Missy Gordon

I feel bad for Missy as I do all victims of the devil but I know there is nothing I can say when they are this intricately handled. Their words, their ways are too seductive to their victims. This if you could understand is horror unfolding in front of you.

It is my sincere wish that I could convince this young woman of the horrible deception that she has fallen victim to as it is with the World! They have no other way to see it. They don’t know any other possibility in the reality of this life. !t’s hard to grasp when the knowledge that we are, in actually an illimitable existence. And the fact that we are under a vicious evil deceptive attack against Our Father and Our Existence, is unknown. 

 She says; People have all sorts of terrible things that they’ve they’ve experienced in their lives that God wants to heal you from. 

Will you let him, you just take a few minutes of your day just to get on your knees or you know if you can’t get on your knees to just pray on your way to work. You know before you go to bed just to give God some time

You know the things that have he doesn’t expect us to do all this on our own he’ll help you we don’t have to pretend to understand all this deep theology we just have to come before the Throne of God and say Daddy help me I want to know you I want to be close to you I want to feel that comfort in my heart I’ve been so afraid help and he will that’s been my prayer for many years help and he has every single time have made it difficult for you to move forward in life to help you let those things go he’ll help you forgive those people

This is an evil intertwined in seductiveness masquerading as warm love. This is a group of cold vicious intent, compassion, is gone from them. Be extremely careful you know not what you’re dealing with. This (they) is not a fatherly god of love! Daddy! You’re dealing with an immensity of hate that wants you dead. 

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