Kryon – Crossing the Wisdom Barrier

Good evening dear ones. I am Schneider, from the maintenance department. I created the light bulb placement policy!

Who is Kryon? Lee Carroll, is an American channeller, speaker and author. Carroll has authored thirteen books on channelings from an entity he calls “Kryon”, and has co-authored three books on what he terms indigo children, a new generation of children he says represents an evolution in human consciousness.

When it comes to extraterrestrial channeling we need to look at the grand chandler of them all.. God!

God would not allow extraterrestrials to show him up, when it came to channeling. In fact God seems to be a big advocate of the extraterrestrials!

Kryon at the United Nations: In 1995, 1996, 1998, 2005, 2006 and 2007, Kryon was invited to come to New York and channel for the Society of Enlightenment and Transformation ) S.E.A.T, … a member of the United Nations Staff Recreation Council.Kryon, channelled through Lee Carroll.

Some of what Kryon had to say in that first speech.

Good evening dear ones, I am KRYON of “magnetic service”. I have created the magnetic grid system of your planet. My name isn’t really Kryon, and I am not a man. I wish I could impart to you what it is like to be the entity that I am, but at this time, because of basic human implants of psychological restriction, you simply are unable to understand. We are all linked together. We are the great “I AM” as your scriptures call God. When I send the message “I am Kryon”, there is a communication that I belong to the whole, and my signature is Kryon. We are God. You are a piece of God, and you have the power to become as high on your side of the veil as you were before you came . . . You are an angel! And you have come to Earth to bring joy and share your light with everyone with whom you have contact. You are each high entities of your own who agreed to come to earth to work in the Great Plan. You as humans have implants that will never let you understand this side of the veil on a reasoning level. Each human is implanted with many limitations and restraints of conscious thought. With all your scientific endeavors, you have been restricted to two dimensional thinking. “This is my service, and I know of these things. What you are missing is the balance with the spiritual part that will enable your science to leap forward in a spectacular manner when you achieve this balance.” As humanity proceeds forward you will be given the opportunity to see the results of the marriage of the physical, mental, and spiritual “[to achieve real science].” The missing part, being the spiritual, has been shunned by your scientists all these hundreds of years as non-scientific. How would you like to neutralize all your atomic waste, so that a child could play with it, as sand? It is not difficult to do, but it requires skills that you have not yet used, but that you now have the power and permission to develop. You have earned these things! If you are of the Christian faith, then I would ask you to continue to keep your eyes on Jesus the teacher, and in perfect love, ask for guidance – not based in men’s doctrine, but in God’s wisdom.

Don’t feel too bad about yourself if you’ve been sucked in to the Kryon spiel. It took 12 years and 6 lectures before UN had enough! Although I believe, it wasn’t so much that they understood they were being manipulated by the Devil. As they were upset that within the last two lectures, the conversation went to creating an economic power to compete with China in the continent of Africa. After his second year in a row of speaking of Africa as becoming a merchandising  power he wasn’t invited back!

So okay, well what do we have?

We have God, in a astronomically unprecedented event, speaking to members of the UN. So what has happened?

What did God as Kryon have to say, put his emphasis on? Or maybe more to the point what didn’t he put his emphasis on! Did he immediately warn the assembly of the greatest threat to humanity the Devil? Did he bring to their attention how the Devil speaks to Religious and World leaders!

Did he warn that the Devil, is manipulating Minds constantly on a daily basis! No, matter of fact, I cannot find anywhere where he warns of the Devil in his videos instead he plants the seeds of Technology through spiritualism, speaking of needing a spiritual connection to the learning of needed technology. It’s interesting to note that although he never mentions or warns of the Devil and the evil there in, he will mention that benevolent extraterrestrials exist. So is Lee Carroll a scam artist Out to sell books and videos? He has been extremely successful at it. A lot of Religious organizations will say this is the actions of the Devil. People that are unaware or cannot accept the horrific happenings that we are experiencing, (non-believers) will say it’s an outright scam.

Lee Carroll, is a man who believes he’s been chosen to lead the world to a higher plane of existence. But Lee Carroll, like so many people are a victim of the Devil, and his agenda. New Wave, Spiritualism, Extraterrestrials, God, these are platforms the Devil is actively and currently working! Post of these types, People claiming to channel extraterrestrial or spiritual entities should always be taken seriously and analyzed to understand what possible directions the Devil is attempting to steer the World! Lee believes what he’s doing is Honorable, a storyteller and a very good one at that, but he’s actually a unwitting accomplice of the Devil! Many people will listen to Lee Caroll’s words, and say how wonderful his words of love and compassion made them feel. Never understanding the contempt, the cold hate that the Devil has for Our Father and Mother and all of Us. Warm reassuring Words of Love, the Devil has no problems reassuring you with, as he leads you to your death! In this video, as in all his videos, “Kryon, Lee, God,” never speak about any cures for the afflictions, in this World! God, Kryon, will not even hint at where to start, nor will he speak of disasters that kill and what to do to save lives what he will talk about is extraterrestrials and how through spiritualism, technologies the World doesn’t understand will be revealed.

Technologies! God wants you to have Technologies through Extraterrestrial spiritualism. “Technologies” give that a thought for a minute let that sink in, Technologies through outside influences. Why? Why this emphasis? We are being manipulated for a very sinister, very evil reason, and Millions possibly even Billions of People are eating up the lies, like its candy. In this video, it’s more mental manipulation more conditioning. Entities of greatness would not need to work this hard to convince you. This is as it’s always is the workings of Christ the Devil and the betrayers. To Lee, all I can say, is be careful you are dealing with beings of an evil you do not understand!

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