The Enemy has been getting ready, are you?

The Enemy has been getting ready, are you?

Our Enemy the Devil has a Command Center in that room it plans strategy with the betrayer Christ and the group that stands with them.

Now it is important to understand that they are not mystical magical powerful beings stirring a pot and controlling a mystical realm. They are an organized group and within that command center they function like any other Military group with a mission they have their charts they have monitoring devices they have their reports, they have updates everything you would expect.

What they don’t have is any delusions about what is going on. Unlike the World, they are not trapped in a bubble of bewilderment. And unlike life on this planet, they are not finite. Which of course means they are not pressured to achieve something within one person’s short lifetime.

They work through many people’s lifetimes to achieve the desired objectives. They, like the mysticism, the God controversy, the brooded darkness that traps the World.

They think like any group with a military objective. Make no mistake they are very aware of the who and the what of things. They know who they are where they come from and they are very serious as to what they hope to achieve.

They seriously believe they can pull this off.

One only needs to acknowledge the Billions of Enthralled Religious People to see why they would come to this conclusion.

They have put everything at stake with this move and they are determined to succeed.

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