God! It’s Just Bizarre Normalcy!

My fight is to bring you awareness!

Yes, my words of a evil plot by an Entity that’s not understood and by the ones that stand with him!

Seems really bizarre in all this normalcy!

My words are really strange what I say is so bizarre compared to all the normal, natural Worship to an Empty, Never Shows Up “Doesn’t Care” God!

Yeah, I’m really Bizarre!

In A World, Where Normal Is, Billions On Their Knees to some God, that’s never seen the Inside of a Hospital.

Yeah, I’m really Bizarre!

In A World, That Builds all Kinds of Elaborate Buildings for Worship!

To some God that “Could Care Less.” A God, who’s “never helped” anybody even someone who’s cried out in despair! Little kids! Murder victims!

Yeah, I’m really Bizarre!

In A World, Ruled by Religious Fanatics; Their Minds so Saturated they have People, Praying Multiple Times A Day!

Religiously manipulated to the point they have to go and walk around a box!

To a God that Could Care Less. A God, who’s always Threatening you with Torment.

What I have to Says, Seems Extreme And Bizarre!

In All this Normal Worshiping Naturalness!

All this normalcy to a Could Care Less God!

My words, what I say seems really bizarre! But that still doesn’t change the fact that God the concept of God is a mental attack! By an Entity of extreme hate! God is a Created Entity created by the Devil and Christ!

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