HOWARD PITTMAN Testimony (Updated) — His near-death experience.

HOWARD PITTMAN TESTIMONY (Updated) — His near-death experience- Endtime warning that God gave them.

Howard Pittman ~ After Death Experience.

I take no pleasure in posting a video like this. This gentleman and the man that introduced him are both victims of the Devil. This man will tell you that he is on a mission from God. But this is the Evil of the Devil, the Devil deprived this Man the last years of his life. There is about a half-hour introduction before they actually get to the description of the near-death experience. In this video, he speaks of the previous 12 years and I’m not sure how many he lived after this video. Where every single day for 12 years he went and preached this message.

God if one existed, would not need to harass, scare, and use an elderly man to spread his essence. He speaks of color being Enhanced, and Beyond description, this is a ploy that is sometimes but not always used by the Devil. This is how we really see color, but the Devil has taking that ability from us. He talks about a 15-minute moment in his near-death experience where many died and so few got to go to heaven. This is and always has been a manipulation, a scare tactic of the Devil.

God, according to the Bible, is statistically a failure riddled with an inability to accomplish a successful mission. But in actuality, God is an extremely successful weapon in the Devil’s Arsenal. There is no God this is a lie and some kind of pathogen of the Devil’s.

Near-death experiences do not happen near-death experiences are a lie. The majority of near-death speakers are telling you the truth. At least they believe it’s the truth but there is no God, So obviously you cannot have a legitimate Religious near-death experience. The experience is real but what they were shown and what they were told is just a cold calculated Deception a lie.

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