A Message about Worship!

A Message about Worship!

God Is A Lie of the Devil!

The Devil has infiltrated infected Our minds! Our existence!

The Devil has succeeded in integrating the Concept, the Familiarity of God into the everyday lives of Everybody!

That is what the Devil wants he wants you to Worship him and call him God, (our Father and Mother do not use the word “God” or “Goddess”)

Our Father and Mother, Do not want you to Worship them!

They want us to call them what they are, Our Father and Mother.

When you Worship you are Worshiping the Devil.

We have a very Serious Problem and the Ramifications are Quite Profound!

I hope you can understand what it implies by having something like the Devil, having such Control Over So Many People in this World.

This is something that needs Serious Serious Consideration.

Religion, God there’s a very Sinister very Evil reason why Billions are on their Knees to this Empty, Indifferent God!

The World is Indeed Asleep!

In a Deep Deadly Sleep!

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