The Devil has mentally conditioned the World.

The Devil has mentally conditioned the World.

Right now all of us are being attacked from multiple directions. We are being attacked, with many layers, on many levels, in many directions, many different fronts!

The Devil doesn’t care if you believe in him! He doesn’t care if you do not consider him in a position of power. He already has you, with God! The Devil knows that a lot of people are going to worship in different ways, to different Gods. And it doesn’t care! It wants the “Mental Conditioning” that Worshiping Brings, this is the Devil’s main vehicle of attack! God is a means to an end. It cares nothing about being a God! It’s consumed with Hate! 


Unless you’re Chosen/Elect! You never see God or Christ? They don’t give a damn about you! They don’t because “God is actually the Devil!” And Christ is actually a Betrayer!

All of us, are just something to “Use and Throw Away!” We’re all victims of an ongoing attack, everybody is afflicted. People don’t understand what’s happened and what is happening to them. What makes this so hard to realize, “is the time” and the complexity of this endeavor to “kill our Father and Mother!” This for absolute unchangeable power! A free reign of indulgence. People forever imprisoned within unending servitude, enduring horrors to feed the devil’s insatiable appetite of vindictiveness!

If you could realize you had an enemy. And if you could understand that God is a lie of the Devil. And you understood that the Bible was written under the control of the Devil. You would have an understanding of Our Enemy. And how much it is relying on mental manipulation.

We’re in serious Danger the Religious leaders, and World leaders, that are in contact with this entity(s), are the ones that understand this is all real. But they don’t understand and need to come to an understanding that they are being deceived.

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