Ayahuasca, it’s a drug! No, it’s medicine! No, it’s a drug!

Ayahuasca, it’s a drug! No, it’s medicine! No, it’s a drug!

No, it’s a weapon!

Graham Hancock

His books have sold more than five million copies worldwide and have been translated into 27 languages. Graham has done numerous lectures, radio and TV appearances, and a significant amount of informative YouTube videos.

Like religion they package it as wholesome and good, they tell you how it’s a medicine that intertwines through your mind. They talked about how it spreads across your mind opening blocked passages like sinus spray clearing out mental illnesses and allowing your mind to think clearly again. Ayahuasca, (“eye — a — waska”) the horriblest taste you can think of.

Then you enter a colorful abstract tropical World with lizard people, bird people, people spirits, alligator people, and kaleidoscopic geometric patterns. Graham speaks of beings pushing through into the cosmic awareness, different kinds some frightening.

Ayahuasca, it’s a weapon!

Remember the Devil the entity that the World cannot believe or understand because he has shrouded himself in the cloak of religion, of religious rhetoric! The devil, that’s only believed by the truly religious, and those that have been violated by him!

This entity (every religion is its creation) and “the betrayers” (Christ) that stand with him have absolute control over the supernatural realms over our faculties of the Mind! They’re giving you something good a substance that seems to have medical properties. Medical properties that cure afflictions, these medical conditions they have afflicted on the people of the World.

“Beware the devil’s making his move” and he’s bringing this piggybacked substance into the mainstream with a degree of masterfully crafted acceptance.

With UFOs and mystical beings, futuristic entities, and extraterrestrials with answers. The very nature of our existence on this planet makes us ponder the possibility of alien life in the universe and then you have an immense amount of extraterrestrial material.

Now at a time when more then half the world’s population thinks some astronomical biblical occurrences are going to happen, along comes Ayahuasca complete with loving entities and extraterrestrials that speak and Christ who sometimes appears being crucified on a cross.

Graham says This is really an extraordinary achievement on the part of the shamans of South America as there are a hundred and fifty-five thousand different species of plants and trees in the Amazon and it’s only by combining two that contain these properties that you can get the extraordinary effects of the vine of Soul.

Not so extraordinary when you understand the manipulation that’s involved. Graham says  I think of it like ayahuasca tentacles just spreading out all around the world. 

The Devil wields his pitchman with the precision of a marksman to propagate their apocalyptic scheme! This is Evil, Cunning, Moving amongst you! See how the Devil and Christ uses Graham to sets up the Extraterrestrials from Another Dimension mindset!

The Devil has a slight problem! He understands something the World doesn’t! There are no extraterrestrials in this universal plane Or any other for that matter! But the Devil needs extraterrestrials to pull off his plan. Hence the Ayahuasca connection A connection that has scientists, researches baffled because they do not understand what and who they are dealing with.  Already we are beginning to hear of the possibilities of entities discovered in another dimension.

It is hard to impress upon a World that cannot, does not, and will not, accept or understand the existence of the Devil and the betrayers that stand with him. The immensity, the seriousness of what this group of highly intelligent extremely cunning evil is trying to accomplish!

This, unfortunately, shut the door on us understanding what way they are planning to use Psychedelics as a tool to help accomplish their objective, which is to “kill the Father of us all” and seize unchallengeable power.

The Devil has totally compromised Graham with the realm of ayahuasca. In subsequent videos, he speaks of an entity he lovingly refers to as the Mother Goddess of ayahuasca as do a growing number of people! The world sleeps and this evil group continues on  moving closer to its objective!

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