I’m starting to believe in the Mandela effect!

I’m starting to believe in the Mandela effect! I can’t believe what I’m seeing this can’t be right!

Listen to the Pastor’s the Reverend, whatever they’re called. They stand there so dedicated, reciting words from a being they call God. They mean well like all the rest, go to YouTube listen to how they speak. How they know what they say is true, listen to how they speak of visions. How God has revealed they are the chosen ones.

God’s not here People, the Religious buildings are empty, No God stands there! the hospitals are full!

It is more than simply a case of mass delusion, you can’t have mass delusions.

A mass delusion going from Country to Country, Race to Race, Lifestyle to Lifestyle, Rich to Poor, Educated to not so Educated. Look at all the Countries that are still Killing on this World.

A World where we are constantly told you have a Loving Interactive, Concerned God!

What you are witnessing affects the Religious the Atheist, it affects us all! What you cannot see, what you cannot hear is the sinister intentions of the machine that is creating what you are within!

This is Big this is Evil this is Not Natural, it’s packaged Wholesome and Good for a Reason. In a place of hardship despair and death. In a world, where you’re told you’re unfit, unworthy even to bring them their shoes!

The world somehow needs to get a grip pull out of its delirium. This reality of delusion needs to be taking hold of and confronted before it’s too late!

Apparently c-3po silver leg can be attributed to the “Mandela Effect” – the theory is based on parallel universes.

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