It’s like an onion!

It’s like an onion!

No, it’s not aliens! If it were aliens, our demise would have been carried out swiftly.

It’s not happy dancing elf people from a dimension unknown, their loving benevolence would have been quickly realized.

It’s not a group of succubuses living off horrific lives. There are too many people way happier than the happiest, and they just wouldn’t endure the disgust of excessive unneeded happiness.

No, it’s a group of highly sophisticated betrayers, led by a being filled with hate. And their strategy of attack is an immensity of complexness

(think limits of your imagination)

What’s not understood and makes this so hard to realize is that it’s like an onion.

People don’t understand what has happened and is happening to them! Because they are victims of an ongoing attack, everybody is afflicted. People are being attacked with many layers, in many directions.

And this World is right now being attacked in multiple multiple combinations. It is extremely difficult to explain, the onion as silly as that might sound, is probably the best simple answer. A serious mature realization of the phenomena’s unfolding around us is what is absolutely needed and is alarmingly missing! 

The multi-layered attack that we are subjected to is not the only onion maneuver they are utilizing. They’re also creating a religious onion! This is important to understand if you can.
John 14:6-11

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

The seed of the onion!

The Father dwelleth in me is manipulative cover! It has a multi-purpose as an excruciating amount of their work does.

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