Christ is not God incarnated.

I’m going to do my best to warn who I can of the serious danger that we all face. 

Christ is not God incarnated there’s no God!

That’s a fabrication for manipulation purposes! Christ and the apostles, as they are known, have been compromised by an entity called the Devil. 

I have faced this Entity of Extreme Hate! I have experience throughout my life violations by this entity and the betrayers that stand with this Evil that encompasses the World.

And I have recognized them for What They Are! And I know What They Want! And I have done the honorable thing I have not turned away and coward. I have spoken out. I make no claim to Divinity Such a thing doesn’t exist it is a manipulative lie.

I found himself in precarious and life-threatening situations during one of these extremely threatening situations I became aware of the existence of Our Father and Mother. It is very hard for people to accept what I post. Even though the reality is that it’s very good news that I bring you although with trepidation!

This information, no one else is bringing You! You can look on YouTube, on the Web, you will not find it! What I bring You the knowledge I have gained from the experiences of my encounters. I felt I should speak out for those who might need or want to know the truth of extremely painful and hard to understand. situations, you have endured.

You think my message and my posts are bizarre and extreme!

I have walked through the valley of death, and I don’t give a damn what you think!

I know that my warnings will not overcome your affliction! We as a People are incapable of freeing ourselves from this situation! The World is incapable of the comprehension that needs to be. In order to see the true horror that is actually happening here!

Regardless I try to warn, who I can of the serious peril that All of Us Are Facing! I’m after all optimistic!

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