Technology’s not Evil! But it can be used by Evil!

Technology’s not Evil! But it can be used by Evil!

In the days gone by, not too far back let’s say just 100 years ago. We didn’t have as good of an understanding of Technology as we have today.

We could not, and we’re not allowed to integrate Religious teaching with technology. In days gone by science and God seemed to be an outrageous unacceptable statement.

In this day and age that is still the case for the most part. But it is not as hard a thing to do anymore. We have become technology aware.

And this is what Our Father and Mother have done. They built powerful technology to make existence in this world possible. But in building this technology they left themselves vulnerable. The vulnerability, a danger they were in, they were unaware of.

And this is when the Devil made its move. The Devil compromised terraforming scientist an seized this technology. They used the technology to take control of this World! It seized control of this Planet for a reason and the reason is that it’s full of Hate and Jealousy and wants to use technology to Kill Our Father, Our Mother and all of us!

It’s hard to conceive such a thing could be. But why, why is the proliferation of religion why is the fanatical Frenzy of God, Christ happening! How is it that the World can see this as just a natural phenomenon a natural occurrence.

Empty Churches Empty Revivals. They Circle an Empty Box.

The World has been compromised, and evil has slithered and weaved its way through our society’s existence. It’s Encircled the world and The Noose Is Tightening! The religious think they, understand the plan they don’t know how wrong, they are! The World Is Indeed Asleep!

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