Anti-Flag – The Disease

Anti-Flag – The Disease
We are the voices in the static You have a sickness And we are the disease That brings you to your knees.

This life is not being staged For Your Entertainment! They’ve been at this for a while now, this is a long-term strategic maneuver. And it will be some time yet before they have all the fortifications in place. Mental Fortifications are always at the Forefront.

If you could understand what we are up against the magnitude of the situation you would understand this group doesn’t need to put Subliminals on billboards!

That’s what they like you to believe! To believe that anything that would be trying to manipulate the World! That if it were so, such beings would be at that level.

This Advanced Group isn’t bothering with billboards, they’ve already structured their Subliminals right into Your DNA!

When You came into this world, you were sucked into their fortified swirl. The building, the monuments, the stories, the songs were already here! You encompassed into their speels! You fortify it in their name, for them!  And now, that they’ve spent you well, it turns its attention to Manipulating the Minds of Your Young!

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