Button! Button!

Who got the button?


I want a Nuclear Bomb!

Everybody has a nuclear Bomb!
Does the Devil have a Nuclear Bomb!

 If the Devil did have the ability to launch Nuclear Weapons, why hasn’t the Devil launched them? Being God of the World, as so many like to claim. This should be an easy thing for him to do, all wrapped up in hate. So why hasn’t the Devil blown everybody up with Nuclear Weapons? Could it be that the Devil has other desires! Besides tricking little Timmy into hell! That the World cannot conceive at the moment! Suppose he feels the need to Consolidate the power of a few countries. Or scrap everything and start over! It is something to consider if you understand.

Kill’em All!

When infinite Love fails…Kill’em! Kill’em All!

The Devil has increased populations for desired results. Once the Devil and the betrayers achieve the desired results they will have to decrease the population to reinforce their deception mechanism. Within past civilizations, they have worked out the largest numbers given them the strongest deception hold.

The Devil’s got the button!

The Devil has at his disposal immense computational abilities! A computer that has the computational power to traverse dimensions and terraform a solar systems! With these abilities the Devil and the betrayers can easily lock on too and override all computer systems! They are the ones that control the button.

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