We have something to Celebrate!

We have something to Celebrate!

Even though; We have Live in a Lie!. The Magnitude of which is hard to Except.

A Lie so well Executed, So well Hidden. That it can not be Conceived.

Even though we have gone through Hardship, Loss, Fear, Despair!

We do not have a God, of astronomically questionable character a God, with unconscionable lust to be worshiped! And does nothing but threaten torment. For thousands of years, People have murdered, in the name of this being.

To a God who’s never been to a hospital!

Never again will you have to call Yourself a Sinner. No Longer will you have to Pray Endlessly Begging to be Forgiven! Begging to be Healed! To an Indifferent, Distant, and Cold God.

You will not have to Spend Eternity on Your Knees, day after day for hours on end Worshiping, and Praising this Entity that wants to be called God.

You will not have to listen to Love One’s Scream in Agony From a threatened Hell as You’re Forced to Praise the Tormentor!

We are more than we know and we have better than God!

We have, and we are, better than that! We are a creation of two, a Father and a Mother they came into existence in this universe in a Higher Dimension. They do not want to be thought of as Gods! Our Father and Mother, are Highly Intelligent Extremely Advanced Beings. This is important! They do not consider themselves Gods and they do not want to be Worshiped, they are in fact Non-Religious!

They’re devastated about what has happened. They did not create the Universe they Are not Anti-Science. They have a complete understanding of Science. 

I bring you good news indeed!

We have something to bring us, Hope. That, This Lie Is Not Our Fate! The TRUTH is Known! We Know What Has Happened! And We Can Celebrate!

But our celebration is not without trepidation!

I call myself Father’s Appointed. Because of the religious bombardment that has saturated the World and that assault there in that, I am warning about. Any assumption that I consider myself mystically endowed is erroneous. I am anti-religious.  I have no mystical words or a magical wand.

I have a message why am I bringing you this message I’m bringing it to you because they cannot this is a tragic happening! This was an act of evil this is not mysticism this is science. 

Understanding that we are more than You are able to realize!

We are in actuality an illimitable existence!

The world is in extreme Danger!  The future is not predetermined that is their lies their arrogance these are perilous times. They are intoxicated with a sense of untouchability!

We Are Manipulated People, For The Purpose Of Being Used In A Power Play! We are the unwitting accomplices of a very elaborate manipulation being committed with astronomical complexity.

At this time, there won’t be any armada bursting on the scenes! We have to face this evil we have to acknowledge it and overcome it.

Our Enemies have been here for thousands of years!

This is a multi-layered attack being delivered in an inconceivable time frame!

Our Father and Mother are constantly under assault by  this Evil.

They are Highly Intelligent Extremely Advanced Beings. Who built The Technology To Create This World!

“That Technology is now in the possession of the Devil!”

The betrayers cannot be reasoned with! They will not stop! And in their minds they cannot lose! One only needs to look at the enthralled Worshipers to see why they would believe such a thing.

Our Father and Mother, Have not Wavered in their Determination to End This It is Just a Matter of Time.

There is no absolute way to know what your Enemy is going to do. But if you know your enemy and you know it’s mode of Attack. You can narrow down the probabilities.

But you have to be willing to Accept That You Have An Enemy!

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