It Would Seem Laughable?

Stand Up General Get Up Off Your Knees! Pick up your weapon, face the enemy! And prepare to have your mind ripped to pieces. 

It Would Seem Laughable That Somebody Would Claim That; The World Is Under Attack And Nobody Knows It!

It Would Seem (I imagine?) Somewhere?
Strange extremely peculiar, instantly alarming!
A Whole World Locked in a Frenzy of Worship!
Worshiping an Empty Podium!
Worshiping an Empty Pedestal!
Worshiping an Empty Box!
All just Shrugged Off!
As just some foolish people with silly delusions.

If you’re looking for a guru, psychic an easy way out cheap entertainment for a buck. You best smarten up with your whimsical fantasies, because that’s not what the Devil’s about!


With the Devil and the Betrayers that stand with it!

You are not dealing with A Cosmic Swirl of Mysticism! You’re up against extreme intelligence!

Using scientific research! Biological and Psychological manipulation! Mathematical equations! An time(sounds like they’re adding spices).

It’s a recipe for death! they have the time!

The Devil would like a quick and easy way out but the devil knows he has to take the long road.  And the Devil is working very hard to make his psychic words true!

The only way we are going to succeed and get out of this is to understand psychic, gurus, spiritual (religious) leaders are deceptions, a lie. We are not being attacked by a cosmic swirl of Mystical Mysticism. We are under attack from an immense understanding of science.

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