Graham Hancock; All You Need is Love and Ayahuasca!

Joe Rogan Experience #360 – Graham Hancock is an English author and journalist, well known for books such as “Fingerprints Of The Gods” and “Entangled”

The Devil appears to be on the move with this substance!

All You Need is Love and Ayahuasca!

From out of the jungle “two plants” combined together one a Vine! Begins to spread her tentacles all around the planet calling out to people, portals into other dimensions! Graham Hancock, a man who wanted a God to worship! Found Ayahuasca, (“eye — a — waska”) and it comes with a Goddess!

Hey Joe! Where you going with that DMT in your hand? I’m going to burn my brains out, you know I heard a voice, a voice of another man! Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in! Drug pushing! Graham, Joey, say it ain’t so! These two acid-heads oughta know better!

The Devil appears to be on the move with this substance! One has to wonder? What’s up with that! I had recently posted on Graham Hancock and his indulgence in ayahuasca when I came across this video, compelled me to post another warning on this substance. Joe Rogan is a well-known podcast host, Graham is a successful author. They are also the Devil’s unwitting, although willing Ayahuasca Pitchman! Graham says it’s called The Vine of souls for nothing it’s an extraordinary portal into other realms! He says this sounds nuts to anyone who hasn’t done DMT or who hasn’t drunk ayahuasca, but you meet intelligent entities! No this doesn’t sound crazy to me Graham, what seems crazy to me is your lack of concern at what you’ve experienced. Graham, a self-proclaimed God-fearing agnostic..ok, says with Ayahuasca you can communicate with this entity that he reverently refers to as the Mother Goddess. He says that more and more people around the world are meeting this Goddess figure!

Graham talks about his encounter with this powerful entity. He starts talking about how he’s willing to accept that this entity is not real, just a figment of the mind an illusionary manifestation. This is a very puzzling line for Graham to say because that’s what he absolutely refuses to accept, that this entity is a figment of the mind an illusionary being this entity is absolutely real to him. And he immediately voids out that statement with, not only do I think she’s real but that she’s a Goddess! This entity that Graham encounters immediately gets down to business enforcing a state of dominance over him, impressing upon him that she has the moral superiority and the right to judge him! He says this entity that he reverently calls a Goddess doesn’t mind bringing you to a place of hell, to a judgment scene! He says, that everything in his life could be displayed before him, everything you’ve done every second every minute of your life is completely transparent! Every thought, every action, everything you did from the moment you became conscious until the moment of your death is laid out before you! “This is quite an experience, it’s a manipulative/intimidating experience for anyone encountering this evil group. Graham and Joe, like so many, don’t know what we are truly experiencing in this world. They can’t conceive that we are under a multi-directional attack to manipulate us and our perception and our understanding of life. What Graham has experienced and is explaining is not being caused by entities from other mystical realms per-say. This is caused by the direct results of the Devil and the betrayer’s that stand with him, Christ, Magdalene (Mad Mag, Graham’s Goddess!) John, Peter, etc. This explanation will be less believable than the Ayahuasca Goddess Worshippers but nonetheless that’s what this World is up against! A group led by an entity so consumed with hate it cannot be reasoned with, it will not stop! Until it has accomplished its desire, which is the kill Our Celestial (not to be confused with spiritual “a creation of the devil”) Father and Mother and all of us! This group is not working in a cosmic swirl of spiritual mysticism they run their horrific operation from a structured command platform! They have at their disposal “immense computing ability” beyond what scientists are currently trying to create! With the highly advanced technology at their command they can easily follow and capture every moment, every word, every thought, of any person at any time that they are interested in or are planning to manipulate in the course of that person’s life! Also, they don’t need you to drink ayahuasca in order for them to reveal your life to you!

Joe’s been thinking lately that it doesn’t even matter!

Joe says, When you talk about the Ayahuasca experience and you talked about the Goddess coming to you, and you choose to believe it’s real! My thoughts on this whole what is real, what is not real thing is that → “it doesn’t really even matter” ← if you believed the Ayahuasca Goddesses is real or not, as long as you’re learning from the encounter! Graham agrees, “it doesn’t matter!“ “Joe, are you even listening to yourself!” It doesn’t really even matter if evil entities exist! It doesn’t even matter if evil entities are using psychedelics to communicate, to manipulate people? Joe, I want to take a moment to point out that it really does matter! Really, Joe, I think that’s one too many trips down the yellow brick road for you!

Oh! That I would not be so all alone Everybody must get stoned!

Joe believes that psychedelics are the key to our next level of consciousness a step in our evolution. He says it’s about a learning experience. It’s about massive leaps in the development of your personality and your psyche, your world view, your personal view, and these massive leaps happened through psychedelics! They happened exactly the same way if you really do encounter a Goddess or if this Goddess is just conjured up by your imagination in incredibly vivid detail either one is the same experience to you personally Joe says this is a very important point, yes it might be a hallucination or it might not be a hallucination Graham agrees…. (Whoa! Joe, Graham, don’t go so fast all you’re experiencing is an acid blast!) Again Joe, Graham, it makes a big difference if this manifestation is a conjuring of the imagination or evil entity bent on manipulation and murder, which is what we’re dealing with! Joe calls Ayahuasca an incredible Ally! He says the best way is the “psychedelic way” An amazing plant..thing in several forms! Joe believes if they just broke Ayahuasca ceremonies out all over the globe, if it became the next big thing, like cell phones. We’d end up living in a surreal wonderful Life. Joe, really spend our days tripped out worshipping the Ayahuasca Goddess! Joe, this is not an entity of love, this is a cold existence of indifference seeking to manipulate people, a willing betrayer controlled by the Devil!

Joe says, it sounds crazy but I believe this I believe that psychedelics are here for human beings to take to move to the next level of consciousness Graham says, I agree with you that the single one-stop shop to transform our society and make it a better place a far better place than it can be today is the correct use of psychedelics. But I would be wrong to say that psychedelics are a magic potion. Graham, you just said the stuff was a one-stop-shop that sounds like a magic potion to me! Which of course it isn’t!

Let the Goddess and the demons set you free! All you need is Love and Ayahuasca!

Graham says, here is an incredibly valuable experience that is available to us. Graham, can’t stop talking the stuff up he’s a man possessed! (literally) He says the big problem is the war on drugs demonized this substance (I wonder why?) There is a deliberately structured reason the Devil makes some things look like a fight. Graham believes with psychedelics you break through portals into other dimensions! When Graham was asked if he believed evil entities were using psychedelics for communication purposes. He said he thought it was an interesting possibility, but that he believes that’s a simplistic approach. Graham goes into a cosmic fanciful swirl about huge unseen rounds of life-forms and how we could interact with these mysterious beings if we were in the right frame of consciousness. In other words “tripped out on psychedelics”. “Can you see the mental snare? (One of many in this post) It’s being created here!”

Graham says Ayahuasca ceremonies are happening everywhere it’s happening in Japan, it’s happening in America, it’s happening in Germany, it’s happening throughout the World, a group of small but growing initiates! In other words, a growing group of enthralled people believing themselves on the brink of great knowledge, unaware that it’s the Devil who has mesmerizingly pulled them in! All of which are in extreme danger these entities that they are dealing with are consumed with hate and desire!

What we need Graham says, is a nurturing society that makes it possible for us to take these substances in a loving nurturing way. He says those beneficial experiences can and frequently do include painful moments. Moments when you come to the realization of who you are, and what you are! “By whose standards Graham?” I’ll tell you who’s standard you’re going by the standards of an entity that’s planning to “Kill You!” Graham says, what is absolutely fundamental with ayahuasca, is what Graham calls the »Life review« where you see the impact of your behavior on others and the pain you caused. He says in the Amazon they’re called teacher plants. and is making a serious comprehension blunder, his mesmerization of what he refers to as the Ayahuasca Goddess and will describe in a Worshiping Exuberance has completely corrupted his ability to understand what has ensnared him! This is not a compassionate teacher reaching out, this is mental conditioning, a mental manipulation force, a force motivated by hate, a force planning to kill.

The Devil manipulates those who can manipulate others”.

Graham’s mind has been compromised! He has taken the bait he has bought the pitch of the Ayahuasca Bitch! He has enveloped himself in a mesmerization that has compromised his objective reasoning. Speaking of this entity like one who is having a Religious Awakening. He has taken an entity that has manifested itself within his psychedelic experience and elevated it to a God! Listen to Graham it becomes painfully apparent that he has mastered the art of misdirection in this video. Although he will mention evil within ayahuasca he is fast to direct it to outside influences as being the source of true evil even when he brought up the Aztec and their demise he turned the point of concern to agriculture! In this video, there is such an immensity of wrong that it is impossible for me in this writing to cover it. Anyone thinking this is an incredible adventure and learning experience to be embraced you will not be dealing with happy little fairy people that want to hug you and laugh with joy. You are dealing with cold-blooded hate that’s had people on their knees praying to them through the ages as they spread agony and death everywhere. Rethinking is everything! That’s what is needed! It is my sincere hope that both Graham and Joe come to the realization of the hate that has ensnared and compromised them. As I do with all the People of this World.

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