The Devil Lied! There Are No Angels!

The Devil lied! There are no Angels!

So we hear all the reasons why the Devil did what he did.

But they throw in a third of the Angels! What’s up with that?

When there’s no sin entering heaven, and God is such a loving warm wonderful fellow. Everybody is up there praising his name so what’s up with the Third? No one can come up with an explanation that can explain how an infinite being of love could ever possibly have angels that he created to instantly know his will. That would all of a sudden turnaround and try to kill him! It would appear the Devil dug a hole, but couldn’t figure out how to fill it in with his usual garbage!

With no worries, he left it to speculation?

What they are is part of the onion that they have been creating! And to create the scenario necessary for a technological response.

Christianity is Believe by billions but that is just one branch of the Abrahamic religions and there are differences of beliefs within all of these. But they are not the only religious beliefs in the world. And the Bible as with these other books creates a lot of confusion. So what is absolutely believed by so many is not believed by a considerable number of others! You have a considerable amount of people who don’t believe in any of these religions! And that’s the Atheist and within the Atheist (and the Catholics) community is the Extraterrestrial enthusiast.

This is all being thrust upon the world in the discombobulation for structuring purposes the World’s looking one way but they’re coming from a whole different direction!

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