You are being fed poison!

To the People of the World.
All Victims of an Evil, Sick Entity! Bent on Destroying you!

The Earth has been under assault thousands of years! Nobody, on this planet, understands existence. An extremely large number of the People of this World. Believe we came from a Creator, that wants everyone to call him God. And they passed religious books around for Generations. All claiming there’s is the only true word of God.

The World is under siege, and the book they read an quote so well, speaks of their enemy the Devil! The book tells why he did it, and who he is, how to watch out for him. How to defend yourself from the Devil, and what the Devil is planning to do. And basically a step by step of when the Devil is going to attack and how he’s going to attack. What’s going to happen to the People during this attack, and how will it all end.

It’s a convenient tool, nobody seems to question how a powerful Evil Entity, that has free reign of the Planet couldn’t seem to remove the book. A book that explains how to destroy him!

Religious will constantly attack all the victims who are not following the book. Attacking their fellow man, calling them all sorts of derogatory things. They claim these People are Evil and Demonic, doing the work of the Devil. They are constantly saying that those people will be going to hell to be tormented forever. And they will go spend eternity worshiping they’re loving God, that couldn’t be bothered to walk into a Hospital.

The Religious books that they read were written by the very entity of Evil, that seeks to destroy them. But their minds have become so contaminated, they cannot see this truth! All of us, religious, or not, are under a mental attack a mental conditioning of the Devil!

All of us on this planet are in serious Danger the non-religious and the religious equally share the same fate.

If what you see with these Religious organizations, the Religious philosophy, does not sit well with you. If you’re not too far religiously Gone, two mentally ill from the Devils attack, on the People of this World! You may be able to read the information presented to you with an open mind. And you may possibly see what is actually happening here! I want to emphasize you keep hearing the Religious, say it’s in the book I can reference the book constantly over and over . This is the Affliction that affects the World.

It’s peppered with wisdom your enemy wrote the book. You are being fed poison, you won’t swallow it if it’s not sweetened up.

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