★”You Are Not Worshiping A God of Love”★

God, Mister Love, So Loving! Moral! He Can Just Sit There!

The Devil has inflicted you!

Ensnared you about God, Allah, Yahweh, these are created personas of the Devil’s!

Blasphemy: Anyone speaking the truth about Religion, God, Christ, two creeps, one fictitious! All Religious books, all written by the same group! Muslim Allah, Catholic God, Jewish Yahweh, Creations of the Devil, and the Betrayers!

For many deceivers have gone out into the world, those who do not

‡confess the coming of Jesus Christ in the flesh.‡

Such a one is the deceiver and the ★Antichrist.★

Not only is Christ, The Creep! Christ, The Betrayer …Isn’t just coming! He Never left! He’s still here, Planning to Kill You!

But, He’ll never appear in the flesh!

He’s too afraid he’d get killed! Christ would never take that risk.

Christ doesn’t have to, their visual technology to create realistic visions is highly advanced. And they have created a tremendous infrastructure of reverence and intervention — intercession for a reason.

This has been done with the intentions of Killing Our Father!

That’s why Billions are on their Knees to an Empty God! A God of Hate! Mesmerized, they can’t see the truth! “God is Not Love, God Is An Evil.” You are Worshiping a Very Sick Minded Being Called the Devil.

That is what God is, the God you worship is in reality, The Sick Mind Of The Devil!

All life is in the gravest of danger!

It has succumbed to a psychological manipulation! Where some people categorize a worldwide infestation as mere delusions of some foolish people.

Don’t be deceived!

★Join The Resistance★

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