9 Most Advanced AI Robots – Humanoid & Industrial Robots

9 Most Advanced AI Robots – Humanoid & Industrial Robots

Digit Digit is envisioned to help take care of people in their homes, assist with disaster response

Pepper Pepper is the world’s first social humanoid robot that is able to recognize faces and basic human emotions.

Atlas Atlas is the world’s most dynamic humanoid robot built by BostonDynamics, a company that was previously owned by Google and now by SoftBank.

Spot Spot is a robot dog designed for industrial uses such as carrying goods through a warehouse and inspecting a remote site with an unfavorable environment for human operators.

HRP-5P HRP-5P is an advanced humanoid robot designed to operate autonomously and carry out heavy labor in hazardous environments.

Surena IV Surena IV is the fourth generation of Surena humanoid robot series developed by the University of Tehran in Iran.

Aquanaut Aquanaut is an advanced unmanned underwater transformer that can transform itself from a nimble long-distance submarine into a half-humanoid robot capable of carrying out complex underwater manipulation tasks.

Stuntronic robot A Stuntronic robot is an animatronic stunt double designed to entertain the crowds at Disney theme parks and resorts.

Handle Handle is another robot from Boston Dynamics. With its deep-learning vision software, this robot can identify and locate boxes, unloads trucks, palletizes, and depalletizes at the push of a button.

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