CERN Collider is unlocking the Gates of Hell. With Pastor Charles Lawson.

CERN Collider is unlocking the Gates of Hell. 

With Pastor Charles Lawson. 

This preacher, Is very dedicated. He gets all fired up.

 Lawson, featured in this Video Believes CERN Collider is unlocking the Gates of Hell. That CERN is a portal for Demons to Come in. Yeah, horrible people like rock and roll listeners  It’s not his fault he’s old school archaic, anachronistic..He oughta be telling everyone to stay away from religious books.

CERN, they just can’t connect the dots…

The Key to the Bottomless Pit. A Portal to a Demonic Dimension. This is the position of many Religious Groups. Religious people see the danger of the CERN facility and are trying to warn as many as they can through Sermons and Videos. “But They Are Wrong about CERN,” their analysis is Flawed.  

He doesn’t Understand the Devil’s using the persona of a God for  Subterfuge Purposes To Commit a Horrendous Unconscionable Evil. And unfortunately, because of this his and all other religious organizations’ analysis of CERN is flawed. This preacher is a very dedicated and honorable man. He gets all fired up He started preaching years ago when The Devil and Christ revealed their existence and started talking to him. He’s very very big on Christ And will go on sometimes for quite some time about Christ. He’ll tell you, God, spoke to him and saved him. This is the reason he’s so convinced he’s doing the right thing. And unfortunately, you will never ever be able to convince him otherwise. Yes Pastor Lawson, is a Truthful Intelligent and Honorable Man. He’ll tell you he’s a Truthful and a Caring Man because God saved him. But he was that Man Before he met Christ and the Devil. With this man, it’s always been about the Truth! Yeah, He’s a Very Faith Orientated Man. 

He says he Doesn’t Care how many Scientists, even if all the scientists in the World were to Tell him something, he would Not Accept It. He says he would still refer to The bible. Yes, Pastor Charles is a man who puts an emphasis on the truth. But when it comes to the truth of God, of the Bible, (Now That The Devil Has Him). He’ll Entertain No Truth, that Doesn’t Support the Bible. 

What the Religious Believe is Happening at CERN. This Is Not What’s Going On! It is Not a Portal to let a Multitude of Demons In. It is the Beginning of a Weapon, that the Devil intends on using to Kill Our Father and Mother and All of Us.

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