Technology Will Develop! Will Grow! It’s what the Devil Wants!

Technology, Science; The Religious, speak against Science or more to the point Technology

Why is this? Some say this would Anger God, hastening our demise!

No! There’s No God!

It’s the Devil who is the Fabricator of God! And all the Religions! Why is the Devil Telling You Science, Technology are Evil?

The Devil Knows Technology Will Develop! Will Grow!

It’s what the Devil Wants! It’ just a matter of When, How, and in What Direction! The Religious Resistance of Science, in the past, was necessary to push the World in the right Scientific and Technological Direction.

In the Right Direction for the Development of ★Technology That the Devil Needs★ To Accomplish What It Desires Most!

★To kill Our Father★

This is what the Devil intends to do!

This is why the Devil Has Push Science and Technology in The Direction That It Has Gone! Science and Technology! The Devil Makes Sure It’s Going In The Right Direction!

But How Will The Events To Come Unfold.

We know that the Devil has Control of the Planet for the Most Part. He obviously doesn’t have Complete Control! I would Not Be Posting and you would not be reading this if that was the case. We know of the Mental Manipulation that the World has Succumb to! We know the Devil has a stronghold on Billions through his Proliferation of Religion the concept of God and Christ. Something is going to happen! Through my post, You know that our Father and Mother have been blocked from the Planet for by our way of understanding time Thousands of Years! They are facing immense obstacles in confronting the Devil! And the group of betrayers that stand with it!

(They didn’t commit this act of evil with the belief that they would lose!)

We have to be Prepared! So how might things unfold?

With so many pushing the Alien agenda, you have to wonder? If Aliens aren’t in the Plans Somehow!

We know that the Devil is working on more than one front. God, The Devil (himself) Christ, Dimensional Shape Shifters, Aliens, etc We know of the Catholic Alien connection through the Vatican’s Telescope L.U.C.I.F.E.R and their announcement that they would see any contacts by Aliens to be “Divine Providence” from their God. There’s even a large majority that believes the Devil is in control of the Catholic Church, I guess Holy Ground and Holy Words don’t work after all. Some even go as far as to call him God of the World. A title they claim their God allows him to have. The amazing thing about the Religious who claimed the Devil controls the Catholic Church. Is they never see the Devil controlling their own Church. We also get a lot of Propaganda pertaining to Aliens with articles about the Continent of Antarctica?

We know that the Devil, Will Appear with Christ with an announcement that he is God! Billions will fall for this! But first, the Aliens will show up. And they will be playing them off as the great answer to our problems, problems, they Created! Only to turn around and pretend to Vanquish them, calling them the Antichrist. How things will unfold and exactly when depends on a lot of factors. One thing’s for sure, it’s inevitable! You Just Have To Stay Vigilant.

God’s! The Mind Of The Devil.

Do you see the Serious Danger this Presents? As you start to Understand what you See Before You, The Implications of this, the Horror of it! We have a very Serious Problem and the Ramifications are Quite Profound I hope you can understand what it implies by having something like the Devil, having such Control Over So Many People in this World. This is something that needs Serious Serious Consideration. God/Allah, call it what you will, there’s a very Sinister very Evil reason why Billions are on their Knees to this Empty Indifferent God!

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