The Holy Bible; In Reality, The Unholy Book!

The Holy Bible, In Reality, The Unholy Book of The Devil!

This is Something that Million of People do Not Understand What has happened here! This book has been taken as the absolute truth and proof of God. But what do we have in the book let’s take a look at the old Testament

Well, obviously it is an attempt to explain the existence of a Creator and the existence of us. What is the Old Testament trying to say, how is God portrayed” First and it announces the Creator’s as God. And we have a Creation story then we have the enforcement of Absolute obedience. Then we move on to Worshipping an Almighty God, subjecting all to Unquestionable and Absolute Obedience. Also an attempt to reconcile why there is no divine intervention and was a tool by certain people to control the population.

But what else do we have here, We have the Devil, and what happened to the Devil? he just destroyed a Big Love and Enjoyment of God’s and it seems that God just sends him home or something. We know he appears in [Job ] God seems to have moved past the Apple thing, as far as the Devil is concerned! What this is saying, the emphasizing is that God is in control of what happens to you, to the point of “Murdering your Love Ones!” and an Emphasis that you will continue Praising and Worshiping him, if you want God to be pleased with you.

What has actually happened in the “Old Testament?” The God in the Bible has a lot of issues, let’s take a look at what they are.

Malignant Narcissists: Severe Mental Sickness Representing; The element of evil, One of the most severe roots of the most vicious destructiveness and inhumanity. It is a feature of Sadism or the gratuitous enjoyment of the pain of others.

A Narcissist will deliberately damage other people in the pursuit of their own selfish desires. They will harm others and enjoy doing so. Showing little empathy or regret for the damage they have caused, they are egotistical! A Narcissistic Sociopath is unable to tolerate criticism and needs “constant praise,” as well as respect from other people. Misogynistic: having or showing hatred and distrust of women. Jealous and proud of it, Petty, Unjust, Unforgiving Control Freak. And Murderer.

There really is not much need of a Devil when you have a God like this. But how did it happen! How did the Devil a Cruel, Manipulative, Murderer, and Indifferent Entity twist it all around? How did he get so much hate attributed to the Human Race? 

This Event is passed off to us as easily as the Apple was to Adam and Eve. 

But what happens here! This is when the Devil made his move! In what can only be called a “Cataclysmic Happening” to the Human Race and all Life on the Planet. But it’s all just pushed aside and we find ourselves at once to blame.

We’re told were sin we need to Worship! to Pray! to Beg! to Ask Forgiveness! to “Ask God to Enter Us! 

But what of the Devil as I said the Devil made his move! He is right here in the Bible calling himself God!

The Entity who reveals himself as God is, in fact, the Devil.

We get the word God from the Devil and he has succeeded in infiltrating the word and concept of God into every fabric of our lives. This is not Our Father speaking or representing himself.

Our Father and Mother Do Not consider themselves Gods. They would never write a book telling you to Worship them. 

They Express themselves as Family as Our Father and Mother. So what can we learn from the Old Testament if we know this book is not from Our Father.

The Devil wants you to think of God as a God you have to beg. A distant unapproachable God!

Your understanding of God is important to the Devil.

It desires, needs a certain mindset mental conditioning to perpetuate its plan. The Devil wants your Worship he wants to look down and see us on our knees calling him God.

Now besides the tremendous power, the Devil had to use, to cause such a Cataclysmic change that cut off access to us from our Father and Mother and transformed this World. 

Its power, for the most part, is Limited. The Devil uses Mass Manipulation as a tool. But it is unable to Manipulated the Masses at Anyone Time. Not without considerable preparation, his ability is very limited in regards to mass manipulation, but still quite powerful. When the Devil makes contact it is not to a group of people it is always an individual. Abraham is a good example of the Devil using Our Father’s technology. And an insight into how the Devil’s mind works. What is the Devil doing here with “Abraham and his son” well the Devil is having a little fun playing with the technology he stole.

You say; Well, I don’t know what kind of power could make a man justify killing his son! (um there it is) that’s the Devil’s power. This power can be very mentally manipulative.

In a perverse way, he uses the technology he stole from Our Father and Mother to twist your mind in ways we can not imagine, and with that technology, he can manipulate how we rationalize a situation how we construct logic within our mind. We see it today in some religious groups where the group leader will say he has a message from God or that God spoke to him they are Unwittingly Entertaining the Devil. I can not emphasize the importance of understanding what has happened here. Millions of Worshippers need to see the truth but in the face of a mindset of, God Almighty, Allah is Great and Praise the Lord. This will not be an easy task.

The Devil believes Victory is within his grasp and with Billions on their Knees, Worshiping the Devil. It’s easy to see why the Devil would believe he will be successful.

It’s greatest desires is to kill our Father!

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