In Today’s Age?

In Today’s Age?

A Religion based on Hate, Indifference, Murder and Human Sacrifice. You would think that in Today’s Age, this would be nothing more than a Remnant of the Past. Not something we are bombarded with on a Daily Basis!

Not something that Tries So Hard To Be And Intrinsic Part Of Our Life. Not Something That Tries So Hard To Be Part Of The Vocabulary.

“God” Why Are We Saturated With This Word?

Why would an Omnipotent Being of Love,

Play Games?

Why would an Omnipotent Being of Love, Be So Indifferent?

Why Would You Call Him Love?

Why are You Being †Conditioned† To Accept this Being as a God?

Why are you told, You Are A Bad Person, A Lacking Person for Not Having Faith. Why are you told you must have Absolute Faith. Why Would You Need Faith if God Loved You So Much?

Why would Your Loved Ones Suffer in Sickness and Die in Despair?

Start to ask Why!

Break Free From The Lies!

Why Ask Why, You Owe It To Yourself.

“God” is a weapon of manipulation created by the Devil and Christ!.

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