End Times – People Get Ready Misty Edwards

End Times – People Get Ready Misty Edwards

He’s wiping out cities he’s flattening people!
And yet they still call Christ and God loving?

Talk about one piece of workmanship Christ from the child holder to the demented kid killer!

She’s right he’s not a Broken Man on a cross he’s a cold-blooded killer!

Christ and rest of the betrayers think the New Testament is an absolute joke! There laughed their fool heads off over it!

She sings; They’re going to shake everything that can be shaken and they will! Because they have the Engineering Ability (Power)to Nudge a Planet!

This is a cruel and vicious group that holds the World captive! They have killed and they will kill again! They have been compromised! Death means nothing to them!

I think I’ve got a chance to convince her she’s being manipulated!! Aww, I was just kidding when they are this enthralled you can’t get through to them with a Sledgehammer! I do feel bad for Misty as I do for all the devil’s victims.

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