Professor Peter Millican | God does NOT exist

Professor Peter Millican | God does NOT exist


When you hold the truth in your hands and don’t know it! Or maybe; When you hear the truth and you think it’s just too funny!

This Atheist Activist (a rather captivating fellow.) spoke the truth! And then they all had a good laugh! Along with the Devil!

A little into Peter Millican’s speech, he says; One point that John Lennox made, appealing to the Resurrection was to say if The Resurrection is true there’s a God, that doesn’t follow at all. All that follows at most is that there is some supernatural being capable of performing a Physical Resurrection on a human being! Why should that be Omnipotent! Why should that be Omniscient! Why should that be Perfectly Good! It could be a being that’s doing it in order to dupe loads of us into having beliefs in a false religion!

And then! Hahahahahahahahah (We move on!)

“All that follows at most is that there is some supernatural being! (wham, bam, slam! Trusted into the mystical) his thinking is hypothetical it’s understandable that he doesn’t know. One thing you can be sure of when it comes to an atheist, they’ve never knowingly encountered the Devil!. You really need experience with this cold indifferent group of betrayers led by a being of hate and jealousy! (who isn’t a supernatural being) and even that’ll probably lead you to wrong thinking! We’re not dealing with the supernatural we’re dealing with science! That’s what this group is using against us! But that’s the problem that the World faces, you can put these analyzers, in a think tank together, and they’d still never get there! 

Not only are they using science against us but they’re using our science against us! That is to say, we’re being attacked with our Father’s technology!”

The Religiously Active, The Atheist Activist, and The Atheist Scientist, all make the same mistake of micro analyzing! When they need to grasp the bigger picture. Unfortunately, this comprehension blender is incomprehensible to them!

Peter Millican is Gilbert Ryle Fellow and Professor of Philosophy at Hertford CollegeUniversity of Oxford in the United Kingdom.

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