Religion Is Their Creation!

Religion is their creation! It’s packaged wholesome and good for a reason.

It’s filled with many people who are kind and try to do good. In some places the only light of good. They are the Devil’s window dressing, fine clothes, fancy outfit on an ugly inside. They are ensnared as are we all!

I speak of Betrayers and I speak of one! Who speaks to predetermined individuals presenting itself as a being of good as a God! As the Evil that is itself! Or as Entities from mystical realms!

This is their creation their vehicle is God, and love is a tool.

But as I’ve tried to point out, they know what compassion and love are! It’s just not what they are about! That’s why they threatened to torment and murder you if you don’t obey!

Except perhaps for those pesty compassionless extra terrestrial the World believes it is the most advanced existence in the universe. But what if that wasn’t the case, what if there is, “before us,” a civilization so immensely powerful, great beyond compare an illimitable existence! Although there was none to compare it with!

What scenario do you think could emerge against such beings of advanced (Beyond comprehension) ability that could breach a barrier and create life on Worlds! If they were to somehow become compromised. By those who seek to destroy them!

What scenario might they create to accomplish this? GOD!

We are more than we understand we are in fact an illimitable existence! We originated from a higher plane of existence sent here on a scientific mission. In the process of fulfilling their Mission, A Small Group Was Compromised!

This is the formidability that we’re up against 

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