“The World’s Gone To Mush”

Nothing says, “The World’s Gone To Mush” like YouTube!

On YouTube videos, you will find a wealth of information on God, Extraterrestrials, Angels, the Devil. The YouTube videos, a large majority professionally done, there sole purpose to leave you discombobulated.

YouTube is a great platform with a wealth of information. But it is also a platform that is being used for unscrupulous reasons. You hear a lot that the World, is waking up from the lies waking up to the truth. They neglect to mention that you’re hearing that information within the LIE that you are asleep within.

You think me Bizarre because I speak about Our Father and Mother, and the horrific happening that has befallen them. And what all of Us are experiencing as a result of that! But I speak against the bizarreness, the unnaturalness, the assaults constantly, on the Minds of People!

They’re constantly telling you they know the answers they know what’s going on! But when it comes to God, Allah, Christ, Angels, Mutinying Angels of lust, Gurus, Ascension, Benevolent Extraterrestrials and Evil Extraterrestrials, is the fact that the pieces just don’t fit! Their explanation for a cause is lame and their end requirements are lacking justification and yet they all think it makes perfect sense.

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