With, the Intellectualizing Religious, there is not much I can say?

They, are well-versed and have been informed, with writings instructing them all about this subject.

At worse, I am the Devil trying to deceive them.

At best a Sin covered Stupid Person, who will never get it.

My Message will only fall on a closed mind.

But I will say this anyway, You’re caught in a trap!
You have caught the Devil’s disease!

I know, some of you are talking to an entity you believe is God! And I know this entity you believe is God, is talking to you.

Such a thing happens! And sites such as YouTube will attest to this fact.

It is the same with Technology, the Devil, manipulated the philosophy of technology within the Church Community, as in the rest of the population. Technology goes in the direction the Devil wants it to, the Devil calls the shots.
The Stakes are high, your Enemy is way more cunning and in control, in ways more intricate then you realize.

The situation is extremely dangerous, a wall placed machine of manipulation is in place.

The Devil is not going after a television set or a sound system. And this is how the World sees the situation.

The Devil in the Bible is a beautiful Angel who is an insignificant being who has an annoying habit of bad-mouthing people and will be taken care of when God rounds up all the bad sinful disobedient people.

The Devil desires an Ultimate Prize and it takes more than kicking the door open to achieve this.

The World needs to come to a realization that there is indeed a phenomenon of an unnatural occurrence happening in this World.

And given the current mindset and the fact that on Our World The Most Influential and Wealthy, that are in positions of power or could be are under close scrutiny. And, when an occurrence need arises, they will go within this group and mentally manipulated thoughts and events to achieve the desired results!
The realization of what is happening is going to take an awakening like nothing ever seen before, and that may be beyond us!

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