Religious and Atheist are very hostile to my posts..

A lot of Religious and Non-Religious People are very hostile to my posts.

They are usually one line, one-word insults usually referring to my intelligence level or they say something like, I need God or God will deal with me. Some say that I’ve taken too many drugs.

This is a response to my posts: I laughed my ass off. I have read countless books on the subject. I, however, believe in God: The Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Thanks for the good laughs, keep up the good work.

In this post, the writer is implying that I voice my opinion based on literature, and unlike him, I don’t get it.

I base my post on life experiences. I do not have to read it I have lived it. I understand how hard it is to accept what I say. I know of no easy way to say it. The Evil is here! And it has set up an elaborate deception that is hard to see, and harder to comprehend the magnitude of what has happened.

With their hostile contempt, they are completely oblivious to the fact that their mentality, is exactly what the Devil has created. You are under attack. You are under attack by an Entity of hate. Who is cunning, an Entity that desires to use you and kill you. And you don’t even know that it is here. You have been compromised at the very core of your understanding.

My post may seem bizarre…But I live on a planet where Five Billion +/- people worship an indifference God, (actually the Devil) And call the murderer loving!

What I am telling you is in reality extremely good news for us. We are highly advanced People we are more than you realize! And we have been taken hostage by an extremely cruel hateful entity from the vastness of space!

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