History is Mystery?

Despite what the religious will adamantly claim.

There is no love within the Goddian deception! Once they have reach desired results they will decrease the population to optimum manipulative numbers!

If you can understand that this malicious group actually exists you can see the cruelty within this group expressed within the deprivation Of countless civilizations all for research! And for the creation of fortified history created for the sole purpose of this Time! And Future Time!

The sole purpose of this manipulated Destroyer, what history doesn’t tell you is he was envisioned, empowered  to destroy a wealth of psychological research and encounters that were recorded that they couldn’t use time to Erase.

With the Devil, Christ, and the rest of the betrayer’s you’re up against thousands of years of psychological research!

Maybe we could have had a chance to survive as the Human Race!

If we hadn’t rushed in Wantingly!

Willingly! With hands reaching out!

To beings, that told us they were God and Christ….

“The last statement ever heard, from the human race!”

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