The Mind of the Devil!

The Mind of the Devil!

I want to bring to Light that the Public has been deceived by the Devil. The World does not understand the cunning of the Devil. The Devil has Deceived You through all the Religious books!

Let’s take a look at the Bible. The bible states that God has an adversary the Devil then, for the most part, it and focuses on personal Sin.

Now let’s take a Moment, and Think About This?

This enemy of our Father, and of us, must have a Lot of Ability and Power, to Challenge our Father now the Devil is here on Earth!

Our Father Didn’t Throw The Devil Here So What Does The Devil Want? 

I Think, Not To Go To The Beach?

So what does the Devil want? It wants Controlled!

It wants, to take from our Father and Mother something they love –You! The Devil not only wants to take Possession of You! It wants to Laugh, At Our Father and Mother, and You every time you Worship him!

What does the Devil want! The Devil Wants Slaves!

Why Does The Devil Want Slaves? He wants the resources of the Planet! Why Does The Devil want the Resources? The Devil wants Technology! Why does the Devil want Technology?

The Devil wants Technology so it can use it to Kill our Father, our Mother, and all of us!

So where does it start? In one of the Places, You Will Go Looking for a Creator! Why has he done this? The Devil has done this Because he Plans To Pull Off The Biggest Hoax Ever. This is what he is waiting for the right time when he can seize total control! When he will hold within his hands a captivated enthralled world of worshipers! Unquestionably doing his bidding.

The Devil Has The Time!

And the Devil has taken his Time. He has Spread his Lies All Around The World! And he has waited! And now The Devil is about to put his plan into Action!

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