The Atheist is a weak threat to the Devil.

The Atheist is a weak threat to the Devil.

When the day comes the Atheist will be no help to the People of the World.

Not only is atheist a weak threat he is a vital component in the strategies that they have been formulating Things are not going to go entirely as the religious believe!

I can understand an Atheist logic, no God, then no Devil.

They see the indifference they see that no God ever shows up at a Religious gathering.

The Atheist argument is that a loving God, has never appeared, that Religious People are delusional and brainwashed. But it is the Atheist who lives in denial it is the Atheist who is delusional. The Atheist is delusional in that he refuses to acknowledge what is right in front of his eyes.

The Atheist like the Christian thinks in a one-dimensional way. The Christian believe a benevolent God (a mental stretch) exists period. The Atheist thinks basically the same way! Either there is a God or a Primordial Ooze Pit both can come to no other conclusion. And the Devil wins both ways!

The Atheist refuses to see all the elaborate buildings of Worship that are built. The Atheist refuses to see all the people that are so dedicated.

Dedicating their lives throughout the years they brush off and ignore People who said God has talked to them. They ignore the fact that Thousands, Billions, listen weekly sometimes daily two Religious rhetoric. They fail to see with open eyes the fanatical insistence these people claim God or Christ exists. They never ask why is this phenomenon they just automatically assume Religious People are delusional fools and move on.

This does not bother the Devil. The Devil knows that the mental conditioning is in place in the World. He knows that when it shows up announcing it is God! That the Atheist will drop to their knees! Just like everyone else.

Because the Atheist will see what he’s always demanded for him to believe. He will see proof, and because he’s only looked at this with one narrow View.

He will believe this proof to be the truth. And will accept this so-called God and Worship him.

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