You Can’t Be Reached!

You Can’t Be Reached! You Can’t Be Reasoned With!
We are under attack! There’s no God!
God is a structured manipulation!
Barriers Manifest defenses in Your Mind!
Mesmerize, Mystifies, Downsized!

You’ve been Compromised!

You Have Been Attacked! You Are Constantly Under Assault!
The How, Why, Who, The Whereof it.
The unbreachable line of mind has been entrenched.

I just cannot go beyond it.

My words you think bizarre at best. And the unnatural you see as natural! You cannot comprehend beyond your captured selves.

My warning Swirls in the contempt of your wisdom and glares back in contented mockery.

My words seem crude harsh when I say your minds have been infected your ability to understand and accept compromised and diminished.

When I tell you what has happened and why as a result of the attack by this Evil Entity. Who has used illness to perpetuate the control that this entity needs to accomplish its desire

Your mind builds numerous walls, from numerous directions to entrench your reality.

I will speak out! I will continue to warn you!

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