Aliens & Inter-Dimensional War with Alex Jones & Joe Rogan

Aliens & Inter-Dimensional War with Alex Jones & Joe Rogan

Alex Jones thinks he has a pretty good idea what the Devil’s up to!

Check out Joe’s expression when Alex starts talking about the Devil, he’s wearing the face of the World! Alex’s theory is close to what the Devil is trying to do! He believes that the Devil is trying possibly, “to manipulate the World into building a weapon to destroy itself.” That’s the closest I’ve heard, but that’s not what the Devils planning to do!

Until Alex, and the Elite, (as he calls them) that are as far off the mark as you can be! Can come to a real understanding of the truth about God, he’ll have a hard time putting it all together. But that’s the problem that the World faces. You can put these analyzers, conspiracy speakers in a think tank together, and they’d still never get there!

Religion, Spiritualism, infesting the entire World like a disease! It has succeeded in infiltrating itself into acceptability. Exposing and leaving the World vulnerable to a mesmerization manifestation seizing absolute control.

Scientists, designed to think the way they do, see only wonder in their quest for a molecule manipulator (tea earl grey) among other things. Believing Religion, God, the Devil, just a joke, a conjuring simply too controlled ignorant masses.

Alex says; I will break down right now the best knowledge right now what’s happening on the planet what’s happening the elite are all about Transcendence and living forever and the secrets of the universe and they want to know all this. They wanted to build a giant artificial system and Google believes that the first artificial intelligence will be a supercomputer based on the neuron activities of the hive mind of humanity with billions of people wired into the internet of things and to all of our thoughts into it building a computer that’s real neurons in real-time that’s also psychically connected to us that are organic creatures so that they will have current prediction powers, future prediction power. Center Crystal Ball

He says They believe their going to merge with machines and become Gods!

Alex goes into one discombobulating spiel, Jones, like so many others, is one of this evil group’s frontmen. There is a lot of Truth in what Alex is saying he just doesn’t understand who’s saying it. This is all, psychological preparation, manipulation!

This is the Devil and the betrayer’s spewing their spiel. The Devil and Christ work in reality! They cannot do a Cosmic Divinity Extraordinaire! Such a thing is their propaganda. Divinity is a created word it doesn’t exist. What they can do is put on one helluva spectacular show! Think Outdoor Theater night? 

They still have an immense amount of infrastructure they have to put in place! This Video and many frontmen like Jones and Rogan have been manipulated into place. To propagate the necessary scenarios they need to succeed in their objective!

Things are not going to unfold as some religious organizations, institutions so vocally claim!

As people watch Alex Jones battle the forces of evil, they’ll hear Alex bring up God, and they’ll nod their heads never understanding. The Devil never does anything he doesn’t think is in his best interest! Alex says at the age of 47 that he’s physically and mentally as stress by everything that’s happening! And with what he’s experiencing trying to expose it, as he can take. Alex, I feel your pain!

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