Death from above! The People of the World are in Danger!

We all have tragedies, despair, fear, the inevitability of death.

We Reach Out is anybody there! And then we hear the “voice” is it true! Is this what was so desperately hoped for?

We know it’s God who else could be speaking who else would speak in such a way. You talk of how God speaks to you, reveals things to you. You speak of Dreams you received for understanding you’re sure God reveals this to you. (How is it God “cannot reach us” but his voice can be heard?) Why is it that God only talks to the select few? Wouldn’t a loving parent shout a warning to every child in the room! They have the ability to manifest in what is called visions!

What People are witnessing is real but still a lie! There are preachers in the World that believe they are the chosen one!

You have to be careful there is no God talking to you! What you are hearing, is an Entity consumed with hate! God does not exist! I know, what you are experiencing, I know what you believe, and why you believe it! I know these entities are talking to you. You don’t have to convince me you’re telling the truth. But I’m telling You, it’s a lie! You won’t believe me, you can’t believe me! But the Evil has You! It’s manipulating you at this moment! I know it’s painful, and with a lot of people, impossible to confront or admit, but it is the reality! Evil, has Us Captured!

Our Father and Mother, the True Love! That brought us into life. A part of their love still within Us! Are unable at this time, as they have been since this started to breach the barrier!

You find this extreme, compared to what?

The forever bubble God that proclaims with a lust! That he could care less about the Afflicted Victims of the Devil left behind! Or Apeman, that crawled out of a pit. A mystical magical all creating pit that came about miraculously in a desolate Universe that’s never been seen again? There are forces in motion, we will have to wait and see how things are going to unfold.

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